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Donación a fsf

Ayer por la tarde "Rats_1990" de Forocoches contacto con Ubuntu & Software libre para proponernos una entrada relacionada con el software libre. Rats_1990 donó una cierta cantidad de euros a la fundación por el software libre (Free Software Foundation) y le enviaron un email contestando con información bastante interesante sobre el trabajo de fsf, y la importancia del software libre.

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Aunque la contestación es en inglés, es bastante fácil de entender en correo y me animó a compartirlo con vosotros.


Last year at this time, we asked you to empower the Free Software Foundation to do more for you. We asked because our mission is to make sure that everything you, your friends, your family, and your coworkers want to do on any computer can be done with free software. We work on your behalf and at your service.

This mission of protecting your freedom hasn't changed since FSF was founded 1985. But the world around it certainly has. Phones, tablets, ebook readers, car consoles, video game systems, television sets, cable boxes - just to name a few - have become full-fledge computers running software that needs to be free.

Anytime you use a computer running software, you should be in control of that software. Otherwise, Amazon can remotely delete your ebooks and monitor your reading habits. Otherwise, Apple can prohibit you from using non-Apple software and threaten you with jail time if you decide to circumvent their restrictions. Otherwise, Microsoft can inspect and inventory the contents of your drive - and stop you from replacing Windows with something better. Otherwise, you are being controlled, via collusion between corporations, proprietary software, and bad laws.

All of the above affronts to freedom have happened already. Why are people putting up with it? How many more is it going to take?

You're receiving this letter because you made a decision not to put up with it anymore. You've decide to spend some of your hard-earned money to help create a better world, and to take a stand. You've entrusted the FSF to make efficient use your contribution and amplify your stance by joining it with thousand of others around the world.

You weren't alone. This past year, the FSF had an astounding 70 percent increase in the number of individual donation, and a 29 percent increase in the number of associate members. We have made efficient and productive use of this heartfelt support. Here are just a few recent highlights:

· With the support of a staff assistant but without drawing a salary himself, FSF president Richard Stallman delivered 56 speeches advocating free software in 41 cities across 12 countries, in just 6 months.

· At a cost of a few hundred dollars, our campaigns team brought positive international news attention to free software during Microsoft's Windows 8 launch - an effort Microsoft spent millions on. You can read about it at .

· A team of only four sysadmins working with fea dedicated volunteers kept all of the GNU infrastructure running smoothly for hunreds of projects so that free software development could happen more quickly and users could easily download the results.

· We've connected your stance to choose freedom over control with thousands of others around the world. Fory-thousand people have signed our statement pledging not to buy any computer that won't let you install a free software operating system. If you haven't read up on this latest affront by Microsoft or added your name to the statement yet, please do at

Even though I'm very proud of the work we've done, every Kindle advertisement I see in the mall or on the subway, every iPad or Windows 8 commercial I see on television, every software patent lawsuit I read abouy in the headlines, every complaint I hear about Microsoft Office eating someone's document again, makes me want us to do much more.

Unfortunately, we don't have $1.5 billion to spend on our efforts like Microsoft has to promote Windows 8. If we did, this would all be over very fast.

Fortunately, we won't need $1.5 billion to win, because the truth is on our side. Free software is just better for people. All we need is your contribute what you can. If we reach our winter fundraising goal of $350.000, we will be able to add staff resources to get much more done for free software.

To this end, we sincerely appreciate your recent donation. Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy the enclosed Bulletin. You can help even more by sharing it with a friend when you're done - maybe they'll make a donation too! Every new supporter like you improves our chance of defeating efforts to restrict user freedom.

Como podéis ver, desde fsf hablan de la importancia del proyecto de su fundación, y que como sorprendentemente este año se han incrementado las donaciones en un 70%.

Sin más, os dejo leyendo la contestación y desde Ubuntu & Software libre damos las gracias a Rats_1990 por compartir esta información tan interesante.

Si vosotros, al igual que Rats_1990 queréis realizar una donación a la fundación por el sofware libre, tan solo tenéis que ir a este enlace y rellenar el formulario con vuestros datos personales, formas de pago e importe de la donación. Un saludo

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